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Nkumu Katalay @MercuryLounge: Experience Re-emergence of African Spirits in RumbianFunk

I’m playing at the Mercury Lounge in collaboration with DJ Henri. We’re co-producing the event. I’ve never actually been to the Mercury Lounge. This will be my first time. Doors Open at 9 p.m., and the first set will go on at 9:30 p.m.” The soft-spoken Congo-Kinshasa-born Rumbianfunk creator said in a recent interview.

Nkumu Katalay who was raised in Harlem has remained consistent since his emergence in the creative scene of New York with his African culturally inspired Congolese rumba, an indigenous harmonic tune from his maternal home nation of Congo Democratic Republic, his father coming from Guinea-Conakry in West Africa as he recently revealed in a recent interview while narrating his spiritual Journey with his artistic constructions.

Nkumu and his Life Long Project Band are persisting in penetrating into the social mainstream of the world with RumbianFunk which he created by infusing Funk into Rumba, his previous hit songs Zua Lokolo, Clear My Path and others have maintained an upward trajectory since their release a few years ago, he has also performed and opened concerts for legends in the Afrocentric music industry like Koffi Olomide, Flavour of Nigerian Highlife and more.

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